Own a
Market Place

At Compton Digital we consult lot of people who operate their business manually and desire to not only automate their existing business but to grow them digitally as well. The own a market place is a package of streamlining your personal business workflow with a website, customer relationship management and vendor management to improve enhance your business with a systematic approach.


Stock Management

The vendor management tool can automate your stock management system by registering online products on the portal, ordering from your vendors and giving current stock access to your salesman, stockist, administration and top-level management. Get reports on demand as per consumption, sales and movement of your stock.


Shopping Window

Our Ecommerce module can add and subtract product ../images as and when your catalogue changes with time with an option of registering customer interest or directly transferring payment.


Defined Web Portal

A complete online web management software that provides you website and an application to manage its content.


SEO Friendly

The option of entering content in the form of your brand is the demand of the current IT market and our package gives you access to enter digital marketing related content, keywords as and when required.


Personal Network

Customize your website specifically for your existing customers by choosing a diverse range of operational models.



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