By using Compton Law Suit Management software your data is safe and your work flow is optimised digitally

Get your law firm the most powerful automation tool in the business

Too many cases Inadequate Planning Can't find case data Vital deadlines


Law suit management

  • Manage your Law suits well, give amazing service to your clients, prepare for your cases on time and efficiently.
  • Be on top of your dates and tasks helping you to prepare for your legal cases and have gung-ho relations with your clients.
  • Never miss a renewal, hearing or a deadline now.
  • Amazing tool to manage your cases, have central repository of all your documents and pull case complete history on the go.
  • Dynamic Search to help you retrieve urgent requirement of records.
  • Free your mind and have eagle’s view on all your on-going cases through our interactive and dynamic dashboard.
  • Design your reports the way you want. Check our analytical dashboard.
  • Prepare precise and transparent invoices for quicker payments from your clients and build their faith for long term.
  • Easy to use mobile app to capture status of the cases on the fly.


Trademark management

Prosecution management

Trademark opposition

Litigation management

Copyright management


Patent prosecution management


Patent opposition

Legal notice

Caveat management

Domain management

Why Compton Law Suit Management System?

Extremely detailed law practice software that manages your complete office workflow, every critical detail is captured the way you want.

Flow of the software is very well drafted by Top lawyers of the country, it’s extremely relevant and to the point.

A law practice software that is Extremely easy to use, takes minimum clicks.

Bring automated, controlled, effortless and efficient approach to your day to day affairs.

Dynamic reports to help you take informed decisions.

Multiple user generations.

Each user to have rights as per his role and the chain of hierarchy.

Court case management Mobile app. for checking dashboard and updating case status dynamically.

Status of your cases would be most updated with the help of the mobile app.

Give one login to clients, he can check status himself and not increase your telephone calls.

Check complete case details like documents, deadlines on one screen.

Save cost on a document management system, it’s inbuilt in our system.

Plan and allocate work which will make winning cases easy.

Alerts, notifications and reminders, get them all with your mobile app.


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